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waterfront catering

The catering services at Blue Moon are among the finest in Florida, offering a variety of customized menu options, the freshest seafood items and top-flight service for you and your guests. Please call 954-267-9888 to learn more or submit the convenient catering request form to initiate a call back today.



Blue Moon Fish Company takes great pride in its well-deserved reputation for arranging lovely events along the waterway. Whether you're planning a small office party or a grand wedding celebration, you are assured that the details are in good hands. Let our experienced event coordinators handle every detail. They're world famous for creating the perfect party mood, menu and unique ambiance, be it brunch, luncheon or formal evening occasion... Your party or special event at Blue Moon Fish Company will be an unforgettable affair as you entertain your guests with award winning cuisine, presented with the utmost attention to detail, all while enjoying fantastic waterway views!

Catering Choices


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